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Relaxation treatments Brisbane

We treat the whole person on the physical, emotional and spiritual level

Jess works with you, for the best you. 


Jess Woodside is your local Brisbane 4068, 4075, 4104, and 4105 Professional Reflexologist  (RAoA #4552) and Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner (#773).



What to expect

Relax, restore, revitalise

It’s all about you.  This is your time. Your wellbeing is up to you.  We provide the space, Reiki energy and Reflexology techniques to facilitate deep relaxation, supporting your own emotional, physical and spiritual healing.

We respect your privacy, all treatments are professional and confidential.

1hr treatments commence with a brief consultation to determine areas and modalities (below) of focus, are conducted while fully clothed, either seated or laying on your back on the massage table in the dedicated, private massage room.

Reflexology  is based on the principle that certain parts of the body reflect the whole. Stimulating reflex points found in the feet, hands, face and ears with gentle pressure can aid the body to progressively clear blockages, re-establish energy flows and balances itself, supporting natural healing abilities and resulting in better health. Jess uses the Ingham Method, applying a constant but gentle pressure by “thumbwalking” across the area of the foot being worked, within the pain tolerance of the individual client.    The focus is on relaxation and balancing the body systems, and the session is always holistic – that is all reflexes are worked with some reflexes being emphasised a little more than others depending on individual needs.  Sorensensistem Facial or Hand Reflex Therapy, Mauricio Kruchick advanced Reflexology techniques, Reiki and Seichim energy work may also be incorporated into the treatment.

Reiki (pronounced ‘Ray – kee’) is a Japanese word, which in essence means universal life force energy.  Reiki is a non-invasive, gentle, natural technique that can be deeply relaxing, supporting stress reduction and promoting healing for a balanced body, mind, and spirit.  Jess accesses Reiki and Seichim energy, placing her hands directly on, or just above each of the seven chakra positions, as well as anywhere on your body that needs support.  This energy is able to penetrate the body at a deep cellular level; it is drawn to where it is needed and accelerates our own innate healing ability. It can also help to still active minds, and bring about greater self-awareness to aid clarity and confidence needed to make the changes necessary to improve wellbeing.  Jess recommends commencing your treatment with Reflexology to calm the Central Nervous System prior to commencing energy work.

– Seichim (pronounced “Say-keem”) is a gentle, living light energy that works in conjunction with Reiki on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels for balance.

Aromatherapy essential oils have been used for centuries as a gentle natural therapy to soothe, stimulate, balance and calm.  Your choice of pure essential aromatherapy oils can be diffused during the treatment, and/or used in the foot, hand and/or facial Reflexology.  Products are available for purchase.

Start or finish your Reiki treatment with a Reflexology foot relaxer

During your treatment you may feel warmth or tingling, experience a range of emotions, or just deep relaxation. Your stomach might gurgle; you could fall asleep, and perhaps stay asleep for the whole treatment.  All of these are fine.  You are an individual, and your experience is unique to you.


Reflexology, Reiki and Aromatherapy can facilitate deep relaxation, and gently stimulate your body & mind to promote wellbeing and support natural healing.

These complementary therapies support modern medicine to assist you manage symptoms, and have been proven to help:

  • Support stress, anxiety and depression
  • Balance moods and promote positivity
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Boost lymphatic function
  • Improve circulation & reduce fluid retention
  • Support healthy respiratory function
  • Reduce headache, muscular and arthritic aches & pain
  • Aid healthy digestive function & detoxification
  • Reduce pregnancy related symptoms and discomfort.

Jesse Woodside is a Professional Member #4552 of the Reflexology Association of Australia (RAoA), and Reiki Australia Accredited Treatment Practitioner #773 and uphold their code of ethics and professional conduct; and complies with the COAG National Code of Conduct for Healthcare Workers (QLD).


Treatment cost

  • 1hr appointment (consult & treatment) $80
    • Foot Reflexology (Ingham method plus Kruchik advanced techniques) for maternity, pain relief, relaxation and general wellbeing
    • Reiki and Reflexology combination – ‘Balance’ treatment.


Location & times

** Due to anaphylaxis and ongoing moderate to severe symptoms, with cause/s under investigation, regrettably  Jess is not able to offer treatments for an indefinite period of time. **


Self-care and support

For techniques you can use at home,  click here.

Jess personally and professionally recommends the following practitioners:

  • Reflexology, Reiki, Massage, yoga, kirtan: Yasmin Hassan, Solus Natural Therapies
  • Japanese Cosmo Facelifting (Sorensensistem™), Ayuervedic Face Lifting Massage, Fertility & Maternity Reflexology, Reiki, and divine skin care products:  Tracey Holland Reflexology, Camp Hill

Alternatively, to find accredited practitioners in your area, please use the directory search at:


Please note:

– Health fund rebates are currently NOT available for Reiki.   Rebates may be available for Reflexology through funds prior to 1Apr19 – please refer to rebate list and/or check with your private health fund.

Note that instant rebates are not available via HICAPS, you will need to retain your receipt and claim via your private health fund.

– Treatments are NOT a substitute for medical or psychological care, or the treatment of acute injuries.

– Your practitioner will not diagnose, prescribe, nor interfere with the treatment of licensed medical professionals.



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