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Lemon organic essential oil – 15ml

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Lemon 100% organic pure essential oil – clean, fresh, uplifting.

Multi-purpose- use as a flavour, in diffuser, skincare, hair care, and in natural cleaning products.

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Lemon organic 100% pure essential oil – 15ml


Botanical Name and Origin:

Citrus limonum, USA

Extraction Method and Plant Part:

Cold pressed expression, fruit peel

Aromatic Profile:

Clean, fresh, citrus, bright top note – uplifting and stimulating.

Therapeutic Indications & Suggested Uses:

  • Therapeutic actions: antimicrobial, antiseptic, astringent, cephalic, diuretic, insecticidal, tonic.
  • Circulatory: excellent tonic, can reduce cholesterol build up, remedy for tonifying the blood vessels – used for varicose veins, broken capillaries and high blood pressure.
  • Immune system: antimicrobial qualities useful for treating symptoms of cold, flu, bronchitis.  Immune stimulating properties.  Due to its high limonene content, lemon is a powerful antioxidant that can help ward off free radicals.  Diffuse to assist with respiratory discomfort.
  • Lymphatic system: mild detoxifier – cleansing and digestive benefits.  Use in massage blends and baths.
  • Nervous system: cephalic – can lift the spirits and overcome mental fatigue.  Clears the mind and can aid decision making process.  Can be calming for those who are emotionally overwrought. When diffused, lemon is very uplifting and energising and has been shown to improve mood and cognitive ability.
  • Skin care: astringent – counteracts over production of sebum.  Tones aging skin and has antibacterial properties that are beneficial for acne and boils.  Add to cleansers and moisturisers.
  • Cleaning: lemon is a powerful cleansing agent that purifies the air, disinfects surfaces, and can be used as a non-toxic cleaner throughout the home. 
  • Diffusion: is the gentlest way to enhance your environment and influence your moods.
    • Children: 1-2 drops for diffusion around child over 2yrs, 1-3 drops for 3-5yrs, 1-4 for 6-10yrs, 1-5 drops for 11yrs+.
    • Adults: up to 5 drops (total) in bedroom, and 4-7 drops in living areas


  • Keep out of reach of children.  Store in a cool, dark place.
  • Can irritate sensitive skin.  Increases skin photosensitivity – avoid exposure to sun 12hrs after topical application.
  • Not recommended for use with infants and children under 2yrs of age (Worwood, 2000).
  • Weaker dilutions are required for children.  A maximum of 0.5% total essential oils is recommended for diluted use in a bath or massage blend (1 drop to 10ml carrier) for children 2-11yrs.
  • Essential oils should not be taken internally.   The IAAMA acknowledges that essential oils are used in very low doses for applications such as cooking, flavouring, mouth washes and throat sprays.
  • The IAAMA and Rainbow Wellness do not promote the ingestion of essential oils.
    • In Australia, ‘therapeutic doses’ of essential oils for internal ingestion may only be prescribed for an individual after a detailed consultation with a practising aromatherapist that has an advanced diploma in aromatic medicine, other ingestive modality with training in essential oils or medical qualifications and holds an insurance policy which specifically covers the internal ingestion and internal application of essential oils.  Please refer to the IAAMA website to find your closest qualified aromatherapist.
  • Usage: Aromatherapy and cosmetic fragrance product.

Energetics & Subtle Aromatherapy:

Cooling and drying – clears heat, dampness and phlegm. Lemon oil can help to open the heart and is spiritually cleansing (Mojay, 1999).

Personality Profile:

Lemon personalities sparkle and are full of life, radiate with energy, are very active with a very positive approach and unshakeable confidence.  A breath of fresh air, wonderful to be around (Worwood, 1997).

Blends Well With:

Bergamot, geranium, ylang ylang, rosemary, jasmine, patchouli, lavender, eucalyptus, juniper.

If you like lemon, why not try:

  • Clearing* – aromatic and uplifting, supports the respiratory system.
  • Happy feet – add to your moisturiser or massage cream for a circulatory boost & help relieve varicose veins.
  • Mindful* – a balancing blend that refreshes and reinvigorates – great for work or study.
  • Positive* – a bright, uplifting citrus blend to promote happiness.

* denotes 100% organic pure essential oil blend.


BQ711.  ACO10186P


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