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Jess Rainbow Woodside is a passionate advocate for the integration of complementary therapies and a tailored, whole-of-person approach to wellness.


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** Due to anaphylaxis and ongoing moderate to severe symptoms, with cause/s under investigation, regrettably  Jess is not able to offer treatments for an indefinite period of time. **


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Jess personally and professionally recommends the following practitioners:

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Servicing 4068 Chelmer, Indooroopilly, Long Pocket and Taringa; 4105 Tennyson; 4075 Graceville, Sherwood, Corinda and Oxley; 4104 Yeronga & Yeronga East; Fairfield, Annerley, Moorooka and surrounding Brisbane suburbs.

Together, we offer a holistic, tailored approach to your wellbeing.

Jess Woodside - Rainbow Wellness Practitioner

Jesse Rainbow Woodside


Juggling family, corporate career and completing a university degree while suffering debilitating, chronic pain had gotten the better of me – I was way off balance, and on edge. Thanks to the support of family, friends, physiotherapy, acupuncture, counselling and pain management education, I eventually accepted, then adopted an active self-management approach. This required a major attitude and lifestyle overhaul – no small task, or overnight achievement.  It did, and still requires understanding, patience, commitment, and the support of an amazing team consisting of allied health, GP, and complementary medicine therapists.

A Reiki and Reflexology treatment was the breakthrough.  This was the first time I had ever experienced inner peace and quiet. I left with eyes wide open appreciating the colour and vibrancy in the everyday – things that had eluded me for far too long. Along with that came the realisation and confidence that I not only could I play a major role in my own healing, but that I could live my values, and use my experience, empathy, and great capacity to love and learn to support and empower others.  So, the retraining began …

Today, I glide between the roles of wife, mother, various tasks for corporate and vocational education contracts, and as a professional Reflexologist and Reiki practitioner.


I have the intent, and am an active life-long learner, discovering tools and expanding my natural healing knowledge and experience to support and empower you:

And that’s just for now.  Every instance, interaction and event presents an opportunity to live, love and learn.


I am grateful to those who have, and continue to support and encourage me – I am truly blessed to have so many special individuals in my life.  I thank each and every one of you, and wish to acknowledge and give special thanks to:

– My family, particularly Mum who gifted me with the middle name ‘Rainbow’, my gorgeous husband who balances and grounds me, and my son who reminded me that “the world needs more rainbows”;

– Former colleagues, now friends and fellow entrepreneurs who continue to support and inspire Alison Chalmer and Jodi Jones;

– Talented healers: Kate McKnight for opening my eyes and setting me on the natural healing path, and teacher Sandra Rygier for showing me the way;

Angela & George Melit at Graceville Physiotherapy for recognising the benefit of complementary therapies in the whole-of-person approach; and

– Four very talented ladies who have designed, developed and depicted my dream to share with you – Anna Matjasec of Design With Style , Marika Andrews of 3littlepenguins, Angela Buddee Photography. and Kate from Hart Creative Design.

 Love and light.

Professional Memberships

Jess Woodside is a member of the following associations, and upholds their code of ethics and professional conduct, in addition to the COAG National Code of Conduct for Healthcare Workers (QLD).

Practitioner #773

Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner #773

Reiki Australia Practitioner Ethics and Professional Code of Conduct

Associate Member (Student) #1633

Professional Member  #4552

Reflexology Association of Australia Code of Ethics

International Aromatherapy & Aromatic Medicine Association (AU) #S1490


International Aromatherapy & Aromatic Medicine Association (Australia) IAAMA Code of Ethics

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