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Welcome to Rainbow Wellness

Reflexology, Reiki and Essential Oils

supporting your body, mind and spirit


Tired, stressed, unbalanced or just need ‘you’ time?

We facilitate deep relaxation, supporting your integrated wellness program with ReflexologyReiki, and Essential Oils.

These complementary therapies relax, stimulate your body systems and senses to support natural healing and promote wellbeing.


Location & times

** Due to anaphylaxis and ongoing moderate to severe symptoms, with cause/s under investigation, regrettably  Jess is not able to offer treatments for an indefinite period of time. **


Self-care and support

For techniques you can use at home,  click here.

Jess personally and professionally recommends the following practitioners:

Alternatively, to find accredited practitioners in your area, please use the directory search at:

Note rebates on Reflexology may be available through some private health funds (most cease to offer from 1Apr19).  Check the list to see if your fund is included.  You will need to keep your receipt and lodge directly with your fund.


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hello & welcome… I’m Jess!

Jess Rainbow Woodside supports and pampers you with Reiki and Seichim energy, Reflexology, and Aromatherapy products.

I work with you, facilitating deep relaxation giving you the time and space you need to rest, rebalance and revitalise.  Treatments are conducted in a professional multi-modality clinic in a dedicated massage room.  Removing only your shoes and socks, you remain fully clothed throughout.

Your health and wellbeing is up to you.

Complementary therapies support other modalities and medication for an integrated, holistic approach to your wellness.  I do not diagnose, prescribe, am not a psychic, do not have all the answers or work miracles, and will not interfere with the treatment of licensed medical professionals.

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